Workplace bullying is on the rise! Time to deal with it….

I am sharing a article I found on workplace bullying, which points out what we all already know.  I find many business owners, managers, supervisors shy away from dealing with Workplace bullying and would rather just move the perpetrator sideways to avoid having to deal with the behaviour.  This in actual fact can be more harmful to the business as it sends messages to co-workers that the behaviour is acceptable and often results in a increasingly poor workplace culture and can even result in your best employees leaving the business.  Time to set behaviour expectations of all employees and enforce them, time to step up to the plate!!!  If you find you are unable to deal with it or are nervous about the process of managing poor behaviour get some help!!!  Once you set expectations, enforce them through performance management watch your workplace culture improve and your business thrive!!!

Article is at the below link , have a read and if you find your workplace is experiencing these behaviours, get active about it.  If you find you don’t know where to start or need assistance contact MLG Consulting and start taking control today!





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