Poor Workplace Culture = Poor Results

I often hear from Business Owners and Managers ‘Our results are not what we projected’ or ‘ We have recently seen a downturn in our Business Results’ or ” I don’t understand why we are not achieving what we projected’.

When we start discussing what is happening within the business in 90% of the cases, we have identified that the workplace culture of the employees is rated as poor or at best average.  On further investigation with the Business Owner or Manager we find that the culture they are experiencing is being demonstrated right throughout the business from the very top down without them even realising they are doing it!!!

All business owners/managers need to understand that they model the behaviours that they ultimately will see across the business.  If you want a positive, fair,results orientated and enthusiastic workplace culture, you must first consistently demonstrate these traits to enable you to demand them from your employees.

If employees observe you either through actions or words demonstrating negativity, inconsistent actions or inappropriate workplace behaviours you are setting the example of what is acceptable for your workplace.

Another issue that regularly occurs is where employees observe you not addressing either poor work performance or poor behaviour of other employees.  I get it, sometimes it’s difficult to address these actions of a employee and sometimes it’s easier to move that person sideways rather than address the poor behaviour or performance.  This is a huge mistake!!! in doing this it can build resentment in your high performing valued employees, it can be viewed as rewarding poor behaviour or performance and it can set the expectations of other employees to perform in the same or similar ways.

Yes Staff or employee management is difficult and most of the time it is extremely uncomfortable for all involved, however it is crucial that it is addressed in a fair and consistent manner not only for the good of the business but also to demonstrate the consistency and values of the business to all employees.

If you are not sure how to investigate issues, address issues, implement warnings, follow up on agreed actions contact MLG Consulting today to gain tools, training and assistance.


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